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Lishan Oolong TeaAppreciate Area

Freshly Baked Tea

Freshly Baked Tea

Freshly Daily Baked Tea

The exclusive custom-made baking tea cage is fired and baked every day. Tea leaves are especially selected from the places with the altitude of 2000-2200 meters. The green bud Oolong Tea species is cultivated on Lishan. Oolong tea is a representative tea species in Taiwan, cultivated in the mountains covered with clouds with remarkably high temperature difference between day and night. This environment further increases the content of chlorophyll and amino acids to improve the flavors and colors of Chi Cha San Chen tea leaves.

Freshly Baked Tea

Since the green Oolong Tea trees belong to the species with small leaves, it can only be harvested in spring and winter annually. Fine buds are very small difficult to be harvested. Therefore, they must be harvested by hand. Every year in May, aging female tea farmers gradually start harvesting from low to high altitudes. Only one portion can be harvested from 7 portions. Therefore, tea leaves are rare and become more valuable. This is exactly the reason why many regular customers always order tea leaves previously.