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  • 1.How do I become a partner of CHI CHA San Chen?

    Thank you very much for your support and interest in the CHI CHA San Chen brand. We hope to collaborate with partners around the world and promote the CHI CHA San Chen brand to the global market. In order to provide you with further information, please fill out the "Master Franchise Application" online and our staff will contact you.
  • 2.What is the difference between master franchise and sublicense?

    By taking company operation and market development strategy into consideration, the management model of CHI CHA San Chen is "master franchise".
    *Master Franchise: Based on the unit of country/city/region, the master franchise must have its own management team and open a certain number of stores in the franchise area and communicate with the headquarter directly.
    *Sublicense: Based on the unit of store, this is suitable for partners with no experience but who wish to start their own businesses and the main contact person is master franchise of the area. 
  • 3.What is the method and duration of the master franchise?

    Master Franchise is discussed per country/city/region via the "sole franchise approach". The franchise period is "five to eight years".
  • 4.Investment reserves required items?

    The initial capital includes the franchise fee, the cost of the store site, the decoration of the first store, the equipment and raw materials of the first store, and the operation cost of the master franchise.
  • 5.Qualification of master franchise?

    Master franchise qualification,
    1. Be aligned with the management philosophy of CHI CHA San Chen.
    2. Must possess high level of enthusiasm towards the catering industry, with previous restaurant experience preferred.
    3. Possess management skills.
    4. Possess an in-house management team (marketing, operation, finance etc.)
    5. Knowledge with managing the region and familiar with competitive brands.
    6. Possess take the store sites ability.
  • 6.After I submit the master franchise application, how long will I wait before someone contacts me?

    After submitting the complete master franchise application, the preliminary assessment takes about 3-5 working days, after which our staff will contact you.
  • 7.What is the franchise fee for xx region?

    CHI CHA San Chen headquarter will conduct assessment based on the economic development level and average per capita consumption of the region, thereby setting the franchise fee for each region.
    Please fill out the "Master Franchise Application" and visit the conceptual store in Taichung, Taiwan after preliminary distributor qualification assessment, we will start the quotation process.
  • 8.Who can I contact to discuss master franchise?

    All of master franchise affairs are centrally discussed by the  headquarter in Taichung, Taiwan, please fill in the "Master Franchisee Application" online and our staff will reply to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the foreign affairs department in Taichung, Taiwan headquarter at
  • 9.Raw materials supply and procurement?

    CHI CHA San Chen insists on providing the best tea beverages with the following principles: *Insist on using only the highest-quality & natural ingredients *Insist on food hygiene & safety *Insist on providing fresh and brewing products to customers. In order to maintain the quality and consistency of store products, all partners must purchase the key equipment and raw materials from our headquarter. Under the prerequisite that quality and texture remain unchanged, part of the milk and agricultural products and non-technical equipment and raw materials may be purchased locally after confirmation is made with our professional R&D team.