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In order to convey the beauty of Taiwanese Lishan Oolong  tea, let professional tea drinking convert into a simple task!

Specially selected from elevation of 2000-2200 meters of Oolong tea, our freshly roasted tea leaves are baked in our exclusive custom-made tea leaves roaster. In order to show the maximum ductility and change from the tea leaves, we designed five roasting levels that are unique to CHICHA San Chen. Five roasting levels are: Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Heavy and Heavy. After thousand times of flavor testing, we have chosen the following as our golden standard: 3 grams of tea leaves, 95 degrees of water temperature, and immerse it for 6 minutes. Based on the golden rule from the above, we are able to brew out the clearest and sweetest after-taste tea broth for someone whose understanding how to enjoy this delicacy.