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Tea Drinking Etiquette

  1. Tea Appreciation: To express the best esteem from the host, when a cup of good tea is presented, the owner will firstly offer tea to you. As a guest, you need to make a simple comment on tea.
  2. Tea Smelling: After the host washes tea, he/she will give the guests a cup for smelling. Guests need to take the smelling cup with both hands. After smelling, you should also make a simple comment showing your esteem.
  3. Tea Serving: Whether the host gives you tea or add tea for you, you should use the index finger and middle finger to tap the table in front of the cup. It is called finger tapping manners to express gratitude to the host.
  4. Tea Appreciating: When drinking tea, you should pay attention to the gesture of holding a cup. Both the thumb and index fingers are taken under the mouth of the cup. The middle finger is holding cup bottom for tea appreciating slowly. According to tea manners, you must drink at least three times before fully consuming it.